15mm Blue Moon Napoleonic infantry


THIS IS WHERE WE SUPPLY THE METAL. 15mm Blue Moon Napoleonic infantry. We can paint the French castings as any of the French Allies, if you like. Figures come in units of 24, 32 or 36.  I have worked out the proportion of elites, if any, needed in a unit. The figures are $4 each, and $7 each for the Highlanders (with a new, higher complexity technique for the kilts). This includes the casting. We can base your figures at a small cost (see FAQ for costs). Send me an email through the "Contact us" tab at the top of the page to buy. It will take 2-3 weeks to paint what you want.My stock includesAustrian line (German, Hungarian), and GrenadiersBritish line, light and HighlandersFrench line, light, foreign battalionsPrussian lineRussian line and grenadier battalionsNew stockBavarian line anf light infantryDutchy of Warsaw line infantrySaxon line linfnatrySkirmishing French line infantryWurttemberg Line, Light and skirmishing Jaegers 





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