28mm Napoleonic British and one French for sale

The figures are mostly Wargames Foundry and some Old Glory. The cavalry are from Essex and are one of my first wargame units from back in the day.A mounted officer counts as two figures i.e. the horse and the rider.24 figures 43rd Monmouthshire Regiment (Old Glory) £7224 figures 68th Durham Lt infantry (Old Glory) £7224 figures 85th Bucks Volunteers Regiment (Old Glory) £72 24 figures 52nd Oxford Light infantry 1 (Old Glory) £7224 figures 52nd Oxford Light infantry 2 (Old Glory) £72 32 figure 92nd Gordon Highlanders £22436 figure 42nd Black Watch Highlanders £252 32 figures 52nd Oxford Lt (Foundry miniatures) £160 24 figures 49th West Riding Regiment (Foundry miniatures) £12024 figures 37th North Hampshire Regiment (Foundry miniatures) £120 40 figures British Guard 1 (Foundry miniatures) £20040 figures British Guard 2 (Foundry miniatures) £200 12 figures French 2nd Hussar Regiment (Essex miniatures) £72  




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