Price list

We have now down sized to  the best 12 painters and have higher costs (though better quality).


Price list for custom work in United States Dollars

Listed price is for painting individual figures and excludes the cost of the casting. Price is exclusive of postage which is an additional cost. Irregular units of figures attract a 20% premium (they take longer to paint). The base cost for Camouflage is the very complicated rate for the standard of painting you choose. It may be more depending on the pattern.

Prices for painting 6mm and 15mm vehicles are at the bottom of this page.

Smaller scale

 Size  Quality  Infantry  Cavalry
 6mm (includes basing minimum 3 mounted / 8 foot together)  One standard (Excellent!)  $ 0.60  $ 0.90
 Adler/GHQ Napoleonics, 7YW 7YW, Napoleonics, WW2, Modern, (includes basing minimum 3 mounted / 8 foot together)  One standard (Excellent!)  $ 0.70  $ 1.00
 6mm Camouflage or individual (irregular uniforms)  One standard (Excellent!)  $ 1.20  $ 1.60
 6mm Personality (e.g. Generals that are not generic)  One standard (Excellent!)  N/A  $ 2.00

Regular foot

 Size  Quality  Infantry  Cavalry
 10mm-12mm  Museum  $ 1.18  $ 2.36
 15mm/18mm  Museum  $ 1.88  $ 3.76
 20-24mm  Museum  $ 2.38  $ 4.76
 25-28mm  Museum  $ 5.00  $ 8.00

Very detailed uniforms such as Highlanders and Hussars

 Size  Quality  Infantry  Cavalry
 10mm-12mm  Museum  $ 1.63  $ 2.81
 15mm/18mm Napoleonics  Museum  $ 2.60  $ 4.48
 20-24mm  Museum  $ 3.18  $ 5.56
 25-28mm  Museum  $ 5.80  $ 9.50

Other items

 15-18mm Personalities  Connoisseur  $ N/A Museum only  $ N/A Museum only
 15-18mm Personalities  Museum  $ 5 (foot)  $ 7.50 (mounted)
 15-18mm Artillery (Cannon) pieces  Museum  $ 3.00
 20mm Artillery (Cannon) pieces  Museum  $ 3.98
 25-28mm Artillery (Cannon) pieces  Museum  $4.96
 25-28mm Personalities  Museum  $ 7.00 (foot)  $ 11.00 (mounted)
 GW figures  According to work. Around $4 per figure.  $ Varies  $ Varies

Additional services


Hand painted molded flags If you really need molded flags painted we will paint a simple version of a flag for $3 (6mm), $5 (10mm), $8 (15mm). We will need a paper flag, or digital copy, from you. We can copy a simple geometric design.
Hand painted shield designs $ Depends on work
Drilling and assembly for spears $ 1 (we can provide steel poles/spears)
Banners, Flags etc. Price depending upon work
Cleaning 20mm plastic figures of mould lines plus our special plastic protection process $ 0.30 each
Applying LBM transfers $ 0.40 each
Applying shield water transfers $ 0.30 each

6mm Micro armour

Save yourself money and put your vehicles together, partially or completely, and by drilling necessary holes. You probably know where everything fits so this may be easy for you. Attaching MGs, and other fiddly bits, costs more due to handling. A tank turret just sits on top of the tank. No work to be done means no charge. We need pictures of each vehicle by email, showing where everything goes. We can go find these on the internet for $10 per vehicle if you prefer. If you have etched parts to be attached (blades for choppers are OK) ask for a price. One US vehicle I saw had a 12 step process just to attach the etched parts. Again, you could save yourself money by putting these together. Wrapping assembled vehicles in packing tissue and bubble wrap should keep them secure in transit to us. Drop us a line if you want advice on packing. Contact us via the contact tab at the top of the web site. Please remember that we need clear images of everything you want painted (flags for example).

Vehicle painting  
Per vehicle (one piece casting or tank with turret) $2
Gluing something on $0.25
Drilling each hole $0.25
Camouflage (extra) $1.00
Painting a flag or symbol $0.25+
Apply a decal $0.20
Look up vehicle on the net $10
Aircraft and helicoptors (larger helicopters e.g. lift +$2) - we pack blades separately to avoid damage and save our sanity.  
Not camouflaged $6
Camouflaged $8

15mm Vehicles, guns and aircraft (now air brushed)

 ATG / Artillery piece  $ 5
 Vehicle  $ 20
 FOW Aircraft  $ 20