28mm World War 2 German Fallschirmjager painted to Museum standard

I have been collecting Crusader miniatures WW2 figures for years. I'm a big fan but I have many hundreds more than I can actually use and am now selling the extras. I only got around to painting them last year and only just now around to photographing, advertising, and selling them. The figures are painted to my Museum standard in a variety of shades. This would normally cost $7.50 for painting (Museum standard, irregular uniforms) plus the cost of the casting. I'm now selling them at $5 per figure ($6 for figures with Camouflage, like these Fallschirmjager) as an introductory offer. This price includes the casting.If you want to take up this offer send me an email, via the contact section of this web site, letting me know how many figures you want to have. I will pick out a mix of figures to match what you want. ATGs, HMGs, Mortars etc. have a fixed crew, like the 76mm Russian ATG which has a crew of 3.